Hello! Thank you for your interest in me, my story, and my desire to be a source for your encouragement.

I currently live in Nashville, Tennessee. I am happily married to Patti and have two amazing adult daughters named Abby and Ellie, and a fabulous son in law named Jeffrey. For almost two decades, I served as a pastor for flagship churches in New York City and Nashville. Prior to this, I helped start and then lead churches in Kansas City and Saint Louis. In addition to the joys and challenges of leading, I have taught preaching and public speaking at the Master’s level, published six books, and been keynote speaker at several conferences, university events, team enrichment gatherings, leader retreats, churches, and a governor’s inauguration.

In March, 2024 I founded The Sycamore Initiative, an immersive experience dedicated to helping leaders approach life honorably and meaningfully, while safeguarding themselves from falling into avoidable ditches. I have learned that helping others is not merely about imparting accrued wisdom, but also accrued setback and failure. As a recovering overachiever who put too much energy into approval seeking, anxious ambition, and excessive drive, I appreciate being able to come alongside others as they pursue their own recovery and health.

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